batched.me Monthly: 1 Account per Social Network With Automations

$35.00 / month

Maximize your organic reach on Instagram with growth automations while building your community & influence.

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Increase your organic reach at a quicker pace!

How it works!

  • Month to Month No Contract Access to the Batched.me system
  • 1 account per social network
  • Unlimited posting to Facebook Profile, Pages, Groups
  • Unlimited posting to Instagram
  • Unlimited posting to Twitter
  • You can email with questions or schedule 15 minutes free calls any time during the program
  • You’ll be invited to attend weekly group calls to review what you’re working on
  • You’ll be invited to attend weekly program group calls for the 12 modules
  • You’ll have access to all the recorded group calls inside the member area
  • You’ll have access to the 12 modules for self study

The automations available on this level:

  • Automatically follow new accounts
  • Automatically unfollow accounts
  • Automatically like content
  • Automatically direct message new followers (We will discuss your message plan, we don’t want to spam people!)
  • Automatically comment (Use with caution)


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to auto follow? It’s simple. This drives more people to LOOK at your profile who perviously might not have found you through the explore page or hashtags.

Why would I want to auto like content? It makes you stand out from others who are engaging with their content. You’re showing deeper interest. You’ve followed them and now you’ve also liked a few of their posts. They see multiple interactions from you in a row and every time they post something new.

Isn’t follow unfollow tacky gross and spammy?  YES! That’s why we don’t immediately unfollow the new people you’ve followed. This is what sets us apart from the other services boasting about their automations. They don’t give you a strategy beyond just follow and unfollow. You have to build a connection and if they aren’t responsive THEN we go through and unfollow those accounts who aren’t interested in what you post.

Do you offer automatically posting batch content? We can do this. You must provide all the content batch created for the entire month complete with your post images, descriptions, and story images ( story images are part of your strategy to boost up engagement on your posts and gain traction in the explore tab. We cover this in your strategy session & in the online member area.)

Check out these FAB results!

330 NEW followers in ONE WEEK! That’s on track for 1200 new people in your IG community!


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