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Maximize your organic reach on Instagram with growth automations while building your community & influence.

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Increase your organic reach at a quicker pace!

With this monthly service & 12 module program you’ll reach more people who have shown interest in your niche & will increase your organic engagement on your profile. This helps you get in front of 100x the amount of people you normally would just manually following and liking. No one really has the time to run their business AND follow 80 new accounts plus like 3 of their photos EVERY HOUR. We do this for you! PLUS you’ll learn how to set up your sales process & automate it so you can scale your income!

How it works!

  • Together we identify where your ideal clients are on Instagram in a 45 Minute Growth Strategy Session
  • I set up the configuration for the automations to begin
  • Every month I’ll send a basic report on your progress (probably in an email or fb message)
  • You can email with questions or schedule 15 minutes free calls any time during the program
  • You’ll be invited to attend weekly group calls to review what you’re working on
  • You’ll be invited to attend weekly program group calls for the 12 modules
  • You’ll have access to all the recorded group calls inside the member area
  • You’ll have access to the 12 modules for self study

The automations available on this level:

  • Automatically follow new accounts
  • Automatically unfollow accounts
  • Automatically like content
  • Automatically Direct Message new followers (We will discuss your message plan, we don’t want to spam people!)


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to auto follow? It’s simple. This drives more people to LOOK at your profile who perviously might not have found you through the explore page or hashtags.

Why would I want to auto like content? It makes you stand out from others who are engaging with their content. You’re showing deeper interest. You’ve followed them and now you’ve also liked a few of their posts. They see multiple interactions from you in a row and every time they post something new.

Isn’t follow unfollow tacky gross and spammy?  YES! That’s why we don’t immediately unfollow the new people you’ve followed. This is what sets us apart from the other services boasting about their automations. They don’t give you a strategy beyond just follow and unfollow. You have to build a connection and if they aren’t responsive THEN we go through and unfollow those accounts who aren’t interested in what you post.

Do you offer automatically posting batch content? We can do this. You must provide all the content batch created for the entire month complete with your post images, descriptions, and story images ( story images are part of your strategy to boost up engagement on your posts and gain traction in the explore tab. We cover this in your strategy session & in the online member area.)

What does the course in the member area cover? It’s broken down into 12 modules.

  1. The first module is the introduction to the 4 main strategies for growing your Instagram account.
  2. The second module is detailed information about finding your ideal client & submitting it to us so we can get your automations working for you & make further recommendations.
  3. The third module is all about setting up your Profile so you can funnel visitors into your offers. We talk about your bio, branding, highlights, stories, and content. We go deep into making your message stand out in your profile so people will know right away if you are someone they want to follow & engage with.
  4. The fourth module is all about batch creating your content. You’ll learn how to create your content plan. I run this like a 30 day challenge. You’ll have a fill in the blank “madlibs” style worksheet to help you write eye catching make them stop in their tracks headlines. These headlines will be the base for ALL of your content across ALL social platforms. You will repurpose every piece of content so you aren’t struggling to come up with what to post. It’s all pre planned and possibly prewritten (this part usually takes some time to get the hang of and some time scheduled.) I’ll teach you how to block your time so you can efficiently get your work complete, clients taken care of, and family time available. Kids are not an excuse to never getting work done, it’s all about leveraging your time wisely & knowing when to do what task!
  5. The fifth module is all about your offers. We want to set up something you can automate. It could be a video you create to leverage in place of doing discovery calls. We want to get on the phone with qualified leads so an informational video or even webinar is a great way to create a buffer so you can give yourself more time. You’ll need a funnel. That’s what this is all about. Discovering what the natural progression of making a sale is like in your business then leveraging a website to deliver information before they take precious time out of your day.
  6. The sixth module is all about your highlights & stories on IG. I’m going to help you use highlights and stories to drive traffic to your funnel you set up in module 5! This is all about getting sales through to your pipeline. We always want to have sales ready to be closed!
  7. The seventh module is all about your Instagram insights. We will review how to know what content is GREAT and what is not working at all. You’ll discover some tools you can use for monitoring this as well as interpreting what you’re looking at.
  8. The eighth module is all about your sales calls. We will listen in to your recorded calls (make sure you let the people getting on the call know the call is being recorded for internal purposes.) You’ll submit your calls in and we will listen to a handful of them on a group call where I’ll give some direction on how to close your deals and make it feel not icky or awkward for you and the potential client! I LOVE SALES! This is probably the part I get MOST excited about 🙂 I’ll also show you how to automate closing sales on digital products that don’t require a phone call! FULLY AUTOMATED SALES!! I love automating courses, software, and membership sales. This is where really leveraging your time is maximized.
  9. The ninth module is all about your email marketing. We will set up your newsletter & email sequence. This is a super important part of your client onboarding process and lead generation. The leads optin in for a free thing are the ones who are more likely to buy after a little nurturing. We also want to use this opportunity to get them to engage with your content whether it’s on Instagram, youtube, facebook wherever! Those clever headlines we wrote for content will come in handy here. I’ll also have a new worksheet for you to fill out for creating your sequences!
  10. The tenth module is all about collecting your visitor data & viewing your insights. We will do a group session about using some data insights on your website/funnel so we can perfect the process we’ve created for you. On the group call I’ll log into your analytics we connected and review them with the group. I’ll give you some things to watch for and how to interpret what you’re seeing. I love visual coaching as most will learn best by seeing, hearing, and doing all at once.
  11. The eleventh module we want to set up a trip wire in your offer. This is a one time low cost offer allowing your audience to buy from you right as they are getting your free thing. We want to review your email marketing during this time as well. Your sequence for generating leads needs to be tight & we need to review the analytics on this as well. During the calls I’ll review what you have in place
  12. The twelfth module I’ll show you some more advanced strategies for your account growth, your funnels, and closing those deals! We’ll do a recap on everything you’ve learned & weekly support group calls will continue so you can really hone in on your sales flow!

(If you are subscribed through Patreon please message Cynthia Schomp directly to gain access to the member content here.)

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330 NEW followers in ONE WEEK! That’s on track for 1200 new people in your IG community!

1 review for Instagram Growth Support

  1. Andrea Serrano (verified owner)

    Working with Cynthia has been freaking wonderful and even shocking.
    I had never thought that I could grow my business’ Instagram account so fast and at the same time, completely organically.
    I got 4 new clients for my services and they all came from my Instagram inbox.
    From getting big brands to show up in my email, to getting potential clients interested in my opinion and services every month, and getting around 200 new followers every single week.
    If you’re wanting to genuinely skyrocket your Instagram, Cynthia is the person to invest in.
    Start working with her TODAY.

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